Worth Every Argument and dirty look…

Adriana success story


My sister in law Adriana was the biggest skeptic when I first started with Beachbody…she would tell me I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK THAT SHAKE..YUK, I AM NEVER GOING TO MEASURE MY FOOD IN LITTLE CUPS….UGH…

FAST FORWARD……. she saw how consistent I was and how great I was feeling and with much hesitance she decided to give 21 Day Fix a try. (even drinking Shakeology) She began on July 15th 2014 and within 21 days she was down 10 pounds and FEELING GREAT! She was determined to keep going and had a goal to get back into a size 8…AFTER ONLY 3 ROUNDS which is 9 WEEKS OR BETTER 63 DAYS later…


She lost 31 pounds & 25 inches and lowered her blood pressure which took her off the doctors watching list… No medications needed!!!
I am so proud of her determination and focus!! Please give her some love! #21DayFix #determination #focus#lostweight #shedidit #success

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